Maria met drie handen

Een geliefde vriendin liet mij enige jaren geleden een icoon zien van Maria met drie handen. Geweldig vond ik haar! Sindsdien tel ik altijd handen op iconen. 

Gisteren kwam ik deze foto en dit bericht tegen op Mary Magdalene's Rose. Prachtige foto en bijzondere uitleg van nog een Maria met drie handen:


"Mary Magdalene as Apostola, Pope, Priestess or as the Three Handed Mother of God.
Iconic and fabulous art photo that in my mind sums up Mary Magdalene's rightful position as head of the Church.
Here one hand offers the sign of the Benediction (the blessing), a gesture usually reserved for Christ in early Christian art; a second hand held at her heart to represent, "gnosis cardias", meaning she holds the wisdom of a pure heart; and lastly, a third hand that I would interpret as her healing hand turned out towards those needing the gift of her compassion and care.

What was in the photographer's mind? Would love to ask him.
But he probably was inspired by the Eastern Orthodox Church's icons, known as the Three Handed Mother of God, that depict the Virgin holding the Christ child with one hand, another at the heart and another resting on her stomach. But there is no child in this icon to suggest it is the Virgin. Instead, one empowered, spiritual and glorified priestess --Mary Magdalene.

Three hands on the Madonna is actually a common depiction in Eastern Orthodox icons. To understand the image (for those interested) here is a link with the explanation and examples.…/three-hands-are-bette…/"

Bron: Mary Magdalene's Rose, fb 8 juli 2017
Artwork: Katarzyna Widmanska Photography



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